A Comparison of the HP DreamColor 2480zx with the new HP DreamColor Z27X

This is a paid and sponsored review, by Shane Hurlbut; and it compares the older and legendary HP DreamColor 2480zx with its newer avatar, the HP Dreamcolor Z27X:

…The design of the monitor is much sleeker and offers some wonderful upgrades. This monitor resolution is 2560×1440, which will accept 2K as well as doing a 3840×2160 or 4096×2160, which can be displayed scale to fit or pixel-for-pixel with dynamic scroll. That is impressive. It delivers a true 10 BIT color reproduction, not these fake ones. If you look at any high-end post facility or color-grading house, DreamColors rule the roost. …

… the new Z27x has five established colors, so you can light with and judge color and contrast. It comes loaded with:
• sRGB
• Bt.709
• AdobeRGB
• DCI-p3
• BT.2020 (CIE1976)

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June 12, 2014