Lighting and Grip

9 Important Lighting and Grip Tools for Low Budget Film Lighting

I give you nine practical lighting and grip tools you can buy cheaply for lighting shorts or feature films on a low budget.

It’s easy to fall into BS and buy lighting and grip gear because that’s what everyone recommends. Then you realize what you bought isn’t giving you the results you expected.

In this video I give you nine and only nine practical things you can purchase cheaply for lighting short films or feature films on a low budget:

Purchase lighting and grip gear:

  1. Shop or Work Lights
  2. LED fresnels
  3. Chinese lanterns
  4. Bed sheets
  5. Black cloth
  6. Cinefoil
  7. Black paper
  8. C-stands
  9. Cardellini or Vise Clamp
  10. A-Clamp

Links about lighting and grip mentioned in the video: