12 Cinema and non-Cinema Camera Shootout and Results

Film Cyfrowy

uploaded this four part series of tests for 12 cinema and non-cinema cameras:

Camera used in the test:
Arri Alexa XT
Red Dragon
Red Epic
Sony F55
C500 i 1DC
Sony FS700
Blackmagic 4K
Blackmagic Pocket
Kineraw Mini
Lumix GH4 ?
Canon 5d Mark3

In May, after a film gear exhibition, a few brand new cameras were available in Poland only for 2-3 days. We decided to test them and we also managed to arrange other cameras in that very short time. Our goal was not to point out the winner or the loser. We just wanted to put these camera next to each other and to see how the images look together. We had only one day to make this test. Definitely too short, but it’s good to have something than nothing at all. Because of this rush and rather challenging circumstances, we did some mistakes in the “12 Camera Test”.

The most serious are:
1. Canon 1DC was set to incorrect White Balance. Because the camera records only MOV not DNG, we couldn’t repair it. Anyway we decided not to skip the 1DC test.
2. KineRAW Mini has advanced ISO setting, where you can achieve better results in highlights (ISO MODE – HIGHLIGHTS FOR ISO MODE) – but we had this camera only for 2 days and we couldn’t understand these settings. There was no time to get through all of the settings.
3. Lumix GH4 – it was first GH4 in Poland and we received it one day before the test – not much time to discover it’s settings, that can be flatter, than we set.
4. Alexa – we didn’t notice that actress was sitting closer to the camera comparing to the other cameras.

The first is the test. Can you guess which is which?

And here are the answers, graded:

The ungraded footage:

The last video is additional comments and notes by colorist Wiktor Sasim:


DoP: Szymon Lenkowski PSC ?
Cooperation: Adam Palenta, Patryk Jordanowicz
Test was shot in Plaster Studio, Warszawa
Actress: Maria Patykiewicz, IQ ART
Styling: Ania Iwaniuk-Zakrocka
Lightingr: Film Illumination
Gaffer: Dariusz Lisowski
Postproduction: Chimney Poland
Postproduction manageri: Hania Sawicka
Color correnction: Wiktor Sasim
Arri Alexa XT – EBH
Red Dragon – Miracle Worker Sp. Z o. o. ?
Red Epic – Horizon Films ?
Sony F55 – Fixa Film ?
C500 i 1DC – Canon Polska ?
Sony FS700 – Film Cyfrowy Rent ?
Blackmagic 4K – Szymon Lenkowski ?
Blackmagic Pocket – EBH ?
Kineraw Mini – Prolite ?
Lumix GH4 – Panasonic Polska ?
Canon 5d Mark3 – OmProduction
Lenses Carl Zeiss CP2 – Horizon Films & Fastmedia ?

What do you think? Which camera did best?