8K Makes Sense, You Know: 120Hz Demo by NHK Japan


interviews NHK about their new 8K cameras:

Japanese NHK public broadcast R&D group shows their 120Hz 8K display and camera (at 144Gbit/s through optical) by Hitachi (red/blue/green prism sensors) and Astro (single image sensor) that I filmed here: http://armdevices.net/2013/10/03/worl… Japan wants to just leapfrog 4K and go directly to 8K testing 8K broadcasts starting in 2016, with full massive deployments targetted for 2020 where everyone in Japan will maybe be able to receive 8K TV.

What is interesting to see is their single sensor 8K camera is smaller than a 4K or 1080p camera. But the 144 Gbps data rate is killing!