A Guide to Operating the Teradek Bolt


has published a series of videos about running the Teradek Bolt:

Quick Start Guide:

In this video, we give you a quick tutorial on a few of the basic features of Bolt.

Best practices on settting up the Bolt:

we optimize the performance of your Bolt with suggested mounting options and placement.

Upgrading and firmware:

In this tutorial we walk you through using the Bolt Utility for upgrading and pairing your Teradek Bolt transmitters.

This version is for the 1.2 firmware.

Using Bolt Manager for frequency selection:

Bolt 600 + 2000 LCD Basics

The Teradek Bolt 600 and 2000 now feature in-field pairing using the LCD screen on the receiver.

Here’s a walk through of this convenient, but simple feature.