A look at the Edelkrone Craft Module for Timelapse and Stop Motion Video


have introduced the Craft module (an attachment to their SliderPLUS range of sliders) for $699, specifically designed from timelapse and stop motion video. The coolest feature of this module is the in-built calculator:

You choose between photo and video time-lapse modes, then it will ask you few simple questions, and you are all set! You only set the start-point, end-point, operation duration, desired movie frame rate per second and the final movie duration by answering those questions. Craft Module will even calculate and let you know the maximum allowed shutter speed. Without setting the end- or start-points, you can also set automated static time-lapses in seconds. You can also use the timer function to schedule a time-lapse for later.

It takes three kinds of batteries: Canon LP-E6, Panasonic CGA-D54 or Sony NP-FV and supposedly gives up to 30 hours per full charge. It also integrates with the Edelkrone Target Module (allows you to lock on to one object). To know more about it, click here.