A Look at the Zabolight Z5 LED Fresnel Light for Video Production


introduces the Zabolight Z5 LED fresnel light for video production:

5600k LED Fresnel with 5 inch lens DMX control 0-100 percent dimmable for field and studio lighting. Spot and Flood adjustments. Glass Fresnel

Here are some specs from the website:

5 inch Fresnel
5600k Only
0-100 percent dimmable manual or DMX
No Fans
Includes Barndoors
Field or Studio Use
In Line On-Off Switch
Video of Z5

The Z5 is a very versatile light that can be hung or stand mounted. No Fans and easy to use to program with 512 dmx.
We are using these for news sets, green screens and accent lights. This light is a great compliment to our panel lights.
Very affordable LED light solution.

Z5 (CRI: 91)
@ 3 FEET SPOT 900 FC/10230 LUX
@ 3 FEET FLOOD 575 FC/6190 LUX
@ 6 FEET SPOT 296 FC/3187 LUX
@ 6 FEET FLOOD 173 FC/1862 LUX
@ 9 FEET SPOT 150 FC/1613 LUX
@ 9 FEET FLOOD 81 FC/871 LUX

Price? $599. Know more here.