An Overview of an Automotive Rig to Create a Timelapse of a Static Car

Light & Motion Photoworks

shows off their automotive car rig for moving car shots:

Here’s a quick iPod video to show how we shoot an automotive rolling rig shot and what equipment we might use to shoot one.

This was a quick shoot shot on my own (it’s easier still with more people!) in a car park due to gale force winds outside. On a full shoot we’d take a bit more time and capture a couple of various ranges of movement, including a static scene with a driver at the wheel, to then blend together at retouching stage in Photoshop. You might notice the camera moves around quite a bit due to the wind rushing through the car park, but as the overall exposure time here was quite long (30 secs), a bit of movement in the camera like this typically doesn’t effect the sharpness of the end shot due to the stiffness of the carbon fibre, which helps to ultimately keep the lens pointing at the same point.