An Overview of the CAME 7500 – the “Ready To Run” 3 Axis Camera Gimbal

Tom Antos

gives us an overview of the CAME 7500 3 axis gimball:

If you ever had problems using steadicams, then you should get a digital camera gimbal. It’s the next big thing that is here to revolutionize the film industry. It’s easy to operate and always gets you smooth shots. Except up until now they were out of the budget of most indie filmmakers. MoVI for example costs $15K. Well here is a new gimbal that I had a chance to test out from a Chinese company CAME.

Editor’s note: It sounds like a great deal at about $1,200, but there are some really bad reviews and experiences on Amazon at present, mainly to do with dead boards, and such. I would wait until the issues are ironed out.