Atomos releases new 4K HDMI recorder

With IBC just around the corner, camera accessory manufacturers are going on overdrive. Atomos, well known for their high-end recorders, especially the Shogun, launched a new recorder – the Ninja Assassin.

The Shogun was widely celebrated as one of the first SDI recorders to extract 4K footage out of the Sony A7S.

Now the Ninja Assassin arrives as a lighter and cheaper alternative. At first sight, the red rubber seems like a good idea for making the recorder rugged and durable. It also has a handy flip out stand.

On closer inspection, one realizes the Ninja Assassin has a lot of changes from the Shogun. Although the size remains the same, SDI, RAW recording, built-in conversion, Genlock and XLR audio connections are all but gone. So essentially, it is now just a 4K/HD recorder with HDMI support.

The screen delivers 325 ppi and is 7” in size. Like the Shogun, it includes 3D LUTs, video time lapse and anamorphic de-squeeze  capabilities.

The focus on HDMI only could be due to the rise of cameras like the a7S, a7R II and Panasonic GH4, which lack SDI outs. Audio inputs/outputs have been kept to a bare minimum, probably for the same gear ethic of a simple shotgun mic. Maybe they’re now reaching out to smaller, restricted users like indie film-makers, wedding/event videographers etc. who do not have the budget to purchase a Shogun.

It retails for $1,295.

While it seems like a good investment for low budget shooters, one wonders if the PIX-E recorders are a serious alternative. What do you think?