CAME-TV releases new line of Ultra Slim LED lights

CAME-TV unveils an interesting new line of Ultra Slim LED lights for studio lighting purposes in two variants (and three different sizes and outputs). All the variants are claimed to be lightweight for extra portability and should be helpful to fit them in difficult to reach places (including your travel bag). The company claims that the light bulbs hold a CRI value of 95 and higher and also that each light has undergone quality assurance processes to ensure durability and reliability.


The lights are of mainly two categories:

  • the D series which provides a true daylight color temperature of 5500 K, and
  • the B series which is a bicolor lighting system that provides a variable range of color temperature from 3200 to 5600K.

Both variants are offered in three sizes, with the product ID of 576, 1806 and 1092 respectively in ascending order (representing the number of LEDs in each model – shame they neglected to mention the power draw. I hope they correct that). All lights have an inbuilt dimmer. The D series package also has a diffusion and a tungsten filter in the package, while the B series LEDs only have the diffusion filter.

All the LED lights can be powered either through the included wall adapter, or via standard Sony NP-F batteries or V-Mount (only available in 1806 and 1092 models). You also get a carry bag with the purchase of any light. CAME-TV also offers compatible barn doors, softboxes with grids and multifunction lights. Additionally, the lights are available in combo packs of 2, 3 and 4 lights (only for 576D, 1092D, 576B and 1092B).

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Following are the prices for lights, combo packs and accessories:

Single 576D: $288
Single 1092D: $448
Single 1806D: $558
Single 576B: $298
Single 1092B: $458
Single 1806B: $568
2 piece 576D set: $540
2 piece 1092D set: $778
2 piece 1806D set : $988
2 piece 576B set: $550
2 piece 1092B set: $788
2 piece 1806B set: $998
3 piece 576D set: $858
3 piece 1092D set: $978
3 piece 1806D set : $1,288
3 piece 576B set: $868
3 piece 1092B set: $988
3 piece 1806B set: $1,380
4 piece 576D set: $978
4 piece 1092D set: $1,258
4 piece 576B set: $988
4 piece 1092B set: $1,268
Softbox for 576 LED panels: $30
Softbox for 1092 LED panels: $35
Softbox for 1806 LED panels: $50
Barn Door for 576 LED panels:$20
Barn Door for 1092 LED panels: $35
Barn Door for 1806 LED panels: $50
Multi-function stand: $48

On paper this looks impressive. The lights are cheap, thin and seem to ring all the right bells. The large size will also deliver a softer light. But, is it reliable and powerful enough to actually matter? Also, what about fan noise?

What do you think?

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  1. I had a few questions for Came regarding these units, this was direct response. –

    “Thanks for your email. This particular light does not come with
    a fan for cooling.

    And its weight is about 8kg, it’s CRI is 95, and it’s output is
    72w. Hope that helps!”

    Roland – Technical Support Staff

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