Canon C300 Vs Panasonic GH4 Shootout

Michael Fletcher

tests the Canon C300 to the Panasonic GH4:

The first thing I shot was my sons soccer match. I did this to test out the 96 frames per second slo mo the camera shoots in full HD 1920×1080. The C300 can’t get anywhere near this function (It’s very disappointing). The footage I reviewed was amazing. Hand held the slo mo was crisp and sharp and the fact I got to film my boy scoring a goal was the icing on the cake. It’s a great feature of the camera which makes me want one just for that. (I will be posting a short video of this slo mo footage soon) The slo mo didn’t fair as good later on when I went down to shoot some beach scenes. Wide shots in the slo mo just didn’t seem to pop like the tighter shots of the kids playing soccer so that was a bit disappointing. I haven’t ruled out the fact that I wasn’t shooting the best scene and my focus could of been a bit off.

The next thing I did was to take both the C300 and GH4 out into the field to film a few different scenarios to see how the two camera compare… The C300 was in Canon Log which gives the best dynamic range and captures the most amount of information. With the two cameras side by side I tried to get both cameras images framed up the same to make it easier to compare.

…I was blown away by how sharp the GH4 was but even more so by the fact the C300 looked marginally better. How does that work? The C300 has half the resolution but slightly better detail, sharpness and maybe dynamic range (don’t quote me). It’s the same for the Canon 1DC. I thought the image from the C300 was about on par with the 1DC’s 4K footage…

It must be the sensor I guess. So my 1080p footage looks better than the so called 4k footage or to be honest slightly less Ultra HD 3840 x 2160….

Anyway the bottom line is the GH4 files look incredible and only marginally less impressive than the C300 but at a greatly reduced outlay. Less than $ 2000.00 for a GH4 and more like $ 13000.00 for a C300. The test is not a proper comparison because so many things are variables including quality of the lenses used and the setup of the cameras themselves.

This is just my observations. There will be people out there that say the GH4 poops all over a C300 and they may now how to get the best from the camera settings. Based on what I did, the C300 looked marginally better but boy the GH4 is a little ripper. Not too mention also it’s small size which makes it perfect for aerial drones or those crazy mountain climbs where you don’t want 20kgs of kit on your back to get amazingly detailed footage.

Is the Canon C300 really better than the Panasonic GH4?