Case Study: Using Dedolight and CLRS PANIREFLECTORS to Recreate the Effects of Sunlight


gives us this case study on using Dedo and CLRS gear to get a sunlight effect:

The biggest beam available, the sun, sends out light that is almost perfectly parallel. In order to achieve a similar and as-close-as-possible effect, luminaires with an almost parallel beam and a homogenic light distribution is needed.

The quality of the light – from hard to soft – and the precisely defined shadows are achieved through the use of the calculated high tech reflectors, the PANIFLECTORS.

Seven different types of reflectors in various sizes, available in vertical and horizontal shapes such as ellipses, circles, beams or arcs, provide the neccessary tools for any lighting application.

Most of the time, no additional shutters, flags or filters are required, which reduces the amount of gripping equipment, but also greatly improves the efficiency of the entire system.