How do you convert a Blackmagic Cinema Camera into a fully functional ENG camera?

Marco Solorio writes on the OneRiver Media Blog:

In this exclusive article by Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media, he breaks the confines of what many perceived as an impossible task: shooting the Blackmagic Cinema Camera in an ENG configuration for documentary film production. As we quickly see, not only is the Cinema Camera more than capable of acting as an ENG camera, it does so with image quality that blows the doors off any traditional ENG camera. The results are so powerful in fact, that shooting any other style will be hard to go back to.

I read that the Cinema Camera will never be able to shoot in true ENG (Electronic News Gathering) style. Again, my initial feeling was that this was stemming from a small crowd of people that either don’t own a Cinema Camera, or did not put forth the effort to see how closely their Cinema Camera could in fact shoot in ENG style with proper rigging.

Is the Cinema Camera an ENG camera in of itself? No, of course not.

Can the Cinema Camera be configured to work like an ENG camera? Hell yeah it can!

That’s a challenge! Read how he does it here.

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  1. Sareesh Sudhakaran TonyBR  Hi Sareesh! Reading a lot here at Wolfcrow, and recomending it to all good friends!  Planning to buy the BMCC as a step up from my Sony NX70.  You (and this guy Marc Solorio) will be responsible for this!!! :) :) :)  Best wishes from Brazil, Tony.

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