How to stop FCP-X from going to sleep in OS X Mavericks


has released this tutorial on how to stop Final Cut Pro X from app-napping in OS X Mavericks:

Before Mavericks, I could leave Final Cut Pro X all night long and it would render until it finished.

After Installing Mavericks, I noticed Final Cut Pro X will stop rendering, if I leave my computer, but also, even if it loses window focus by just switching to another app. Chrome or Safari for instance (because while rendering what else is there to do but surf?).

I did some digging and it turns out what is causing this is a feature called App Nap. Seems apps are allowed to take naps, which I’m sure boosts battery life etc., but just doesn’t fit in my video work flow. Luckily you can turn this feature off, per app! Which is a pretty nice way to implement it I think.

Watch the video here:

Read the write-up here.