How to Work with Video in Adobe Photoshop CC


has published a much needed 7-part series of videos on how to work with video in Adobe Photoshop CC:

Part 1: Setting up Photoshop to Edit Video

Part 2: Working with Transitions and Titles in Photoshop

Part 3: Add Sound to Your Video in Photoshop

Part 4: Assembling a Video Edit with Photoshop CC

Part 5: Using Muted Tones to Control A Viewer’s Attention

Before you watch the video, I want point out just a few things that can be a distracting element in a photo. White/light tones, heck any sort of brightness commands our attention, we are drawn to them like a bug is to a bright light. Cluttered backgrounds, and poorly composed images can all be a distraction. Also be aware of objects that are directly behind your subjects head, “think face in a clean space.” Lastly, bright colors are a huge distraction, and just happen to be the focus in today’s video tutorial.

Part 6: Color Correcting Video in Photoshop

Part 7: Exporting & Sharing Your Video From Photoshop