Introducing the Aeoncine Modulus – the Simplest Shoulder-mount Camera Rig Ever?

Fredrik Callinggard

presents the Modulus camera rigging system from Aeoncine:

Modulus is follows our conceptual thinking and although its footprint may be small and light, it’s built to handle the largest, heaviest of cinema cameras out there. Designed for speed on set. Handheld is literally just one click away. Modulus is completely tool-less, but with no compromise in its features, so even with a design that small and light, it doesn’t make it a lightweight contender.

…This is a system that feels right for anything from Blackmagic Pocket, Alexa Mini all the way up to the larger, heavier cameras, such as Alexa XT/ Studio.

So simple a child can put it together in 20 seconds:

Aeoncine Modulus grip handles delivers 40 kilos of force. Enough to hold an 8 years-old kid. Imagine it in your hands.

…The strongest ball joint in the industry is also one of the lightest. Weighing in at only 150g it delivers the incredible force of 40 kilos / 88 pounds. The grip handles is not the only thing that’s unbelievably strong. Now the top handle is just as strong ball joint grip. This is a ball joint that will work for any style of shooting. In any configuration. Literally any angle.

Aeoncine Modulus shoulder pad can be slided for balance. It’s a perfect fit for any camera….Comfortably wrap your shoulder. With design for both neck and collarbone. It’s shape and angle distributes the weight towards your core.

…We’ve perfected our low centre of gravity shoulder angle degree adjustments. It can now go to an impossible 29 degrees without rods all the way through. With rods it’s 18 degrees. Therefore a happy medium is to say that it’s feature is a 20 degree angle adjustment. The shoulder pad now snugs perfectly and easily into our QR plate and with its degree adjustment,

Prices start at $1,499 and up (for different grips). To know more, head over to their website.