Red Epic Dragon vs Blackmagic Cinema Camera Tests (No Audio)

Tim Butt 2 Productions

tests the Red Epic Dragon with various lenses against the Blackmagic Cinema Camera:

A quick test that was conducted on the RED DRAGON and Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K in preparation for a short film.

RED DRAGON: 5K (5120X2700), 23.98 fps, RAW 8:1 Compression, 640 ASA

BMCC 2.5K: 1080 HD, 24 fps, ProRes 422 (HQ), 800 ASA (w/ some 400 ASA)

Both cameras were at 180° Shutter Angle (1/48 Shutter Speed), 3200K

Various lenses were tested. More comprehensive tests will continue later.

Sorry Vimeo compression is horrible. RED DRAGON was transcoded out of DaVinci Resolve in 1920X1080 ProRes 422 (LT) in both REDLOGFilm and REDGAMMA4 to be brought into Premiere for export to H.264. BMCC was graded in Resolve and exported as 1920X1080 ProRes 422 (HQ) to be brought into Premiere alongside the LOG footage and for export to H.264. The RED DRAGON is much sharper than it appears here.