Review of the Sony 28-135mm f/4 Cine Lens and Letus Helix Jr. for the Sony A7s

Matt Buckman of I Do Films

reviews the Sony 28-135mm f/4 cine lens for the Sony A7s:

I reviewed Sony’s new 28-135mm f/4 video lens, which I think is a bit of a ground-breaking lens. It immediately became my favorite lens and can almost be the only lens I need all day. I think it pairs perfectly with a7s.

I also reviewed the Letus Helix Jr., a new stabilizer made especially for the smaller mirrorless bodies (although it can fly a 5D also). My results were mixed. This stabilizer does show your footsteps, so it’s not as smooth as a Glidecam, Stedicam, or Movi. But it also has a lot of cool features and for certain shots and jobs that require a smaller gimbal, it could be very interesting.

I also briefly touch on the new full frame Zeiss Loxia lenses. I review the 50mm version here. I like this lens a lot for shallow depth of field shots or really dark environments.

I also show off how you can use your phone as a monitor for the Sony a7s along with a couple other thoughts on my favorite camera.