SCRATCH Play: a ‘Universal’ media player from Assimilate

Assimilate launched their newest and free media player, SCRATCH Play. Here’s the introduction to the player module:

Some of the codecs it supports are:

RAW files: RED, Arri, Sony, Canon, Phantom, DSLRs RAW files
Editorial: MXF, WAV
VFX: DPX, EXR, etc.
Consumer: QuickTime, Windows Media, MP4, H.264, etc)
Still image formats: TIFF, JPG, PNG, etc.

What else can it do?

SCRATCH Play can open any single video or an entire folder of mixed media and play it on a single “CONstruct.” (That’s a timeline in our lingo.)

Want to instantly pull a still or a clip from the RAW footage of a shot on-set and quickly review it- without interrupting the DIT station. Or rapidly scrub through an entire CONstruct of thousands of clips. Just press Play.

Want to review a card full of mixed stills and video from your camera… or scenes and takes from an SSD? How about reviewing the VFX render you just finished – at your desk in realtime and without loading it on a server? SCRATCH Play is the perfect assistant.

You can also create LUTs and change color:

However, SCRATCH Play also comes in an Ad-free ‘paid’ version for $5 which you can buy here. Download the data sheet with full details here.