Sony F35 vs Sony F3 vs Red One with Cooke S4 vs Zeiss Ultraprime vs Zeiss Superspeed Test

Ed David

tests the Sony F35, F3 and Red One with Cooke S4, Zeiss Ultraprime and Superspeed lenses:

CRASH test –
testing shooting with available crappy lighting, lighting, and filters.

How does the cameras handle highlights – blow out – color – skintone? Motion.

We shot s log from the sony f35 extended dynamic range and sony f3 10 bit 444 to pix 240
shot red one to red log film. in red cine x pooped out a flat curve – flat everything – that was it.
put it into final cut pro

put on a basic color correct and this is what you get. exported 720p to h.264 which is how most stuff is viewed anyway whether on the web or on tv

shot at f1/4 and f/2 on lenses –
also tested motion of the cameras. but then i forgot to move the subject and the camera. :)

The conclusion are that the Cooke S4 has some kind of magical qualities – black pro mist is very pretty too – and the F35 looks pretty wonderful and very much like Kodak Vision3 35mm film stock. The red is a different beast – the red is super nice too – most resolution – but there are no perfect cameras. The test is definitely not perfect at all – it was a quick test. But I learned some things from it.

By the way, Ed knows his stuff. Here’s an award-winning viral sensation, and a cool story too: