Comprehensive Guide to Rigging Any Camera – 27 Streaming Solutions

  When data flows, it is already streaming. In the context of video, this chapter deals with two specific kinds of streaming: Wireless transmission within a set or studio Live transmission over the internet   In very basic terms, this is how streaming works: Your camera produces data. This data is encoded (transcoded or converted) […]

Comprehensive Guide to Rigging Any Camera – 12 Making the Connections (Part 2)

  Splitters A splitter duplicates the incoming signal into two or more versions. A good splitter should: Reproduce the digital signal perfectly, without introducing noise or errors Have almost zero latency Must be ‘plug-and-play’   HD-SDI Try the Gefen 1:4 3G-SDI Splitter. HDMI Remember to avoid HDMI 1.3 splitters. HDMI 1.4 can go up to […]

Comprehensive Guide to Rigging Any Camera – 12 Making the Connections (Part 1)

  Here’s a list of cameras considered in this guide along with the connectors: Note: This list does not claim to be accurate or complete. For a complete and correct list, please refer to the materials provided by the manufacturer. One of the big surprises is the fact that even though HDMI and HD-SDI are […]

Comprehensive Guide to Rigging Any Camera – 9 Signal Flow and Standards

  Luckily for most of us, camera manufacturers try to make it simple by processing all the signals within the camera. These signals are then written on to various media. Sometimes, as in the case of the Sony F65 or Arri Alexa, the choices of external recorders are clear cut. But there are cases where […]

Comparing Camera Systems for Feature films

Thinking of buying a camera for your next low-budget independent feature film? Below is a comparison chart of five systems to help you decide. The cameras are the Sony PMW-F3, the Panasonic AF100, the Canon 600D, the Canon 5D Mark II, and the old and outdated JVC GY-HD111E. Click on the image to enlarge: