The Arri Alexa XT Workflow

I called the Arri Alexa XT the best camera in the world. And now it’s shipping. Andy Shipsides of AbelCine has published two videos about the Alexa XT. The first one is a quick overview of the features:

The ALEXA XT features the XR, or extended recording, module that allows you to record in ARRIRAW, along with ProRes or DNxHD. The camera has the same simple and elegant design we have all come to know, but with some new features including an internal ND option and an even quieter fan.

And here’s the workflow with the Arri Alexa XT and the new XR module:


3 replies on “The Arri Alexa XT Workflow”

  1. I have my Gemini 444/Arriraw for many ARRIRAW ‘s movie production for almost 2 years. XT model has no ARRIRAW output from REC 1 & 2. It ‘s so expensive for Alexa/Plus/4:3 SxS module to upgrade to XT but no two formats at the same time ( Compressed on SxS and Arriraw output to external recorders )

  2. I have Gemini 444 / Arriraw SSD recorders to record ARRIRAW for almost 2 years. XT model has no ARRIRAW output anymore ;-(

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