The Complete ARRIRAWConverter 3.0 Tutorials by Arri


has uploaded a whole series of tutorials that goes into detail on how to work with ARRIRAWConverter 3.0, which is used –

to view ARRIRAW files, create projects with bins and sequences, create looks for your footage (and the ALEXA camera), and finally render the images into one of the common image formats for postproduction. You can also view the metadata that are stored in your ARRIRAW files or export them into csv-files.

Here’s the 1 Introduction video:

The tutorial list of videos are as follows (links at the bottom):

2 Installation and Quick Look Plugin
3 Workflow Demonstration

4.1 Browse Room Overview
4.2 Keyboard Shortcuts
4.3 List and Preview Modes for Clip
4.4 Setting the Home Directory
4.5 Add Clips to the Project Files Tree Part 1
4.6 Add Clips to the Project Files Tree Part 2
4.7 Reveal in Finder for Clips and Folders
4.8 Check for Offline Clips
4.9 Convenience Function “Refresh and Open”
4.10 Hover Scrubbing

5.1 VIEW Room Overview
5.2 Clip and Sequence Timeline
5.3 Timeline Toolbar
5.4 Playback Loop Modes
5.5 Playback Speed
5.6 Fast Forward
5.7 Duration Display Formats
5.8 Clip Timecode Formats
5.9 Screen Modes
5.10 Zooming and Panning
5.11 Color Space and Look Buttons
5.12 Detailed Pixel Information
5.13 Snapshots
5.14 Metadata Panel
5.15 Viewer Settings
5.16 Playback Proxy Modes
5.17 Clip Settings
5.18 Dot Settings
5.19 Clip Info Overlay
5.20 Using Sliders
5.21 Copy Clip Settings
5.22 Look Settings
5.23 Printer Lights and Color Wheel Details
5.24 Lift, Gamma and Gain
5.25 Slope Offset and Power

6.1 RENDER Room Overview
6.2 Render Targets
6.3 Render Image File Formats
6.4 Render Settings
6.5 Location and Naming
6.6 Clip Settings Override
6.7 Check Render Queue Integrity
6.8 Render Clips
6.9 Render Metadata
6.10 Add Render Queues

7 User Pixel Masking

To view all the tutorials, check out the ArriChannel playlist on Youtube or visit the Arri tutorials page.

It is shaping up to be a potential competitor to Resolve!