TitaniumZ shared storage for Editors supports from 16 to 144 simultaneous ProRes 422 streams

According to the report from Studiodaily.com:

Available in five-, eight-, or 16-drive versions, the system can be configured to support up to 20 editorial clients over 10 GigE or 24 clients on GigE ports, with raw storage capacity starting at 10 TB and scaling to 1 PB.

“TitaniumZ makes use of high-performance 6Gb SATA drives and ZFS file system technology to deliver maximum real-time bandwidth,” said Small Tree CTO Steve Modica in a prepared statement. “Using its browser-based GUI, TitaniumZ can be managed from anywhere with an Internet connection.”

What about cost?

The TitaniumZ-5, available in 10 TB, 15 TB, and 20 TB configurations, starts at $7428. On the high end, the TitaniumZ-16 (pictured at the top of this page), with space for 16 drives, starts at $21,835.

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