Tutorial on how to use Lumetri to create a vignette in SpeedGrade for Premiere Pro


has written a neat tutorial on how to create cool vignettes in Adobe Premiere Pro using the Lumetri Deep Color Engine. Why go about it in this way? Here’s one reason:

One of the cool new features of the SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro CC is the ability to save looks in SpeedGrade and use them directly in Premiere. While you can use this for any look you save, it’s particulary handy to fill a gap in your effects toolbox in Premiere: Vignettes.

By default, Premiere Pro doesn’t come with a vignette effect, and there’s not really an easy way to create one in Premiere unless you find/buy a third party plugin (or get busy with mattes). But using SpeedGrade, you can create your own custom vignette exactly the way you like it, then use it over and over directly in Premiere!

Read the full tutorial here.