Understanding the link between Color Correction and eating Carrots

Roger Cicala from LensRentals goes on to explain:

  • Why carrot-eating is not what it seems.
  • Why we should pity our eyes.
  • The power of color images for black and white imagery:

Does it make a difference? Actually it does, a little bit. For example if you put some red apples in a blue bowl, the fruit will look brighter than the bowl in daylight. In dim light, after your eyes have acclimated, the bowl will look brighter than the fruit. Yeah, I know this is pretty useless, but now when your wife asks if you’re reading that stupid photography blog again you can say “No! I’m doing science!” and threaten to show her what you’ve learned.

  • The advantages of working in a large color space. He uses LAB space but ACES is just as valid.
  • How Monet used ‘Equiluminant Colors’ to make objects move in a painting.

Read the entire article, a must-read,