Which Lav Mic Sounds Best? Blind Comparison of 6 Sub $200 Lavalier Microphones

Curtis Judd

compares six sub-$200 lavalier microphones to find out which one is best:

We’ve done a bunch of episodes on lavalier microphones including reviews, technique, which recorders they work best with and, well, maybe we’ve been a little too obsessed with lavalier microphones.

But one thing we have not done is blindly pit them one against the other to see which one sounds best—by that I mean, not tell you which is which, just let you listen to each one where the talent speaks the same dialogue. Well, here’s your big chance!

Once you have listened to the episode, make sure to check back next week or if you just cannot wait, check to see which mic is which over at http://LearnLightAndSound.com

Update: Curtis has uploaded the results:

Here’s the key to which mic was which:

Microphone A: Giant Squid
Microphone B: HMNSound MicroLav
Microphone C: RODE smartLav+
Microphone D: Audio Technica Pro70
Microphone E: Audio Technica AT899
Microphone F: Audio Technica ATR-3350

Watch it here:


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  1. D.  The rest sounded strident to me, and that, admittedly, just from listening on my MacBookPro speakers.

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