The Canon 1D X Mark III Guide to RAW Video
What This Guide Has To Offer:
The Canon 1D X Mark III Guide to RAW Video will show you how to make cinematic videos with your camera:
Download videos in 1080p or 540p to watch at your leisure. Learn quickly or at your own pace.
Setup your camera for professional RAW video recording in just one hour - on day one!
Learn the best settings for your camera. For newcomers and professionals!
Download my custom LUTS for Canon RAW for more cinematic options. (Available by April 10th, 2020)
Whenever you want, how many ever times you want, send me an email for support.
Quick downloadable PDF for field access. Exposure, skin tones and color grading, the guide has it all! (Available by April 10th, 2020)
Before I came across wolfcrow I found it less fulfilling with the need to constantly search many sites for info I deemed useful.

Sareesh's videos gave me the ability to tell stories with the lens. His guides are thoughtful, serious, well-reasoned and researched information.

​​​​​​​I am now producing much more content due to the confidence I have developed from learning through wolfcrow.
Marc Levine
Altadena, CA USA
Lessons in the Guide
There are five videos in this guide:
1. Camera Setup

Setup your Canon 1D X Mark III for video - like I have - in less than 50 minutes. I walk you through the settings, what I've picked and recommend.

We also cover Custom modes C1-C3 and customizing My Menu. Follow along to setup your camera once and for all.

2. Autofocus and Manual focus setup
A separate lesson you can refer back to the help you setup your camera for both AF and MF. I also show you how I used it in the field so you can maximize the potential of the Canon 1D X Mark III.
3. How to expose RAW
One lesson to rule them all. The definitive guide to exposing RAW and working with Canon log - from the guy who has shot and graded almost every type of log there is.

I also show you my quick and dirty trick to expose with just the histogram in the field. Get consistent and filmic exposure every single time!
4. How to grade RAW

Exposing Canon RAW is only the first step. In this detailed lesson I walk you through working with RAW in DaVinci Resolve v16.2 - from importing to RAW settings to grading shots for a professional finish.

Important Note: This lesson is scheduled to be published by April 10th, 2020, once I've completed editing 'The Tarpa Player'. The cinematic LUTs will also be available by that date.

5. How I made “The Tarpa Player”
I take you behind the scenes of our project for Grassroutes Journeys - from start to finish.
I was a little hesitant at first for putting down the payment, however was comforted that there was a grace period for refund, and further comforted that there was no need - I devoured the videos of information on how to become a better camera operator, and considered his teachings inexpensive for the hundreds of hours he spent making them. I would pay for more tutorials should I ever adventure into a new camera, or for that matter other tutorials (sound, lighting, marketing, etc).  

I strongly recommend Sareesh's tutorials if you want to get serious in understanding how to produce an image to be proud of. 
Chicago, IL
"A much needed guide to understand the complexity of that camera. Lots of decisions to make when setting parameters, and this guide does the job."
Montreal, Canada
“My advice is to subscribe to his youtube channel, and to watch all the other videos, they are precious!! Bless you.”
Marco Zangirolami
Milano, Italy
Terms and Conditions

When will I get access?  

You get immediate access once the payment is successful. You can view all the content and watch all the videos, but the download links are only accessible after the refund period (24 hours approximately, depending on your time zone).

Why is it incomplete?

Due to the current situation worldwide all production in Mumbai has stopped. I've had to close offices for a few days while things get better. "The Tarpa Player" is scheduled to be completed by April 7th. After that I'll have the color grading video done, with the LUTs used and the PDF guide as well. These are all scheduled to be published by April 10th, 2020.

Who is this guide for?

It's for those who want to get shooting better videos quickly with the Canon 1D X Mark III, without having to spend time researching or testing or hunting for knowledge.

Can I use my own login and password?  

Yes. You will have your own account page and can make the necessary changes.  

Can the guide be read offline?  

No. You will always need a browser and an Internet connection. But you can download all the videos to watch at your leisure. The videos must be downloaded one by one. The guide cannot be downloaded all at once.

Why is this guide web-based?  

I can't think of any other format where I can combine video, high-quality stills and loads of additional downloads and templates. The lessons are presented in the way and order I want to teach them. 

I don't like web-based content!  

When I get everything I want from life, you'll get yours. 

Will the guide be updated?  

I would love to, but to realistically keep updating this guide I'll have to charge a subscription fee instead of a one-time amount. Therefore, you're paying for the guide in its present form, as-is, and no future content is promised.  

How does the return policy work?  

The 24-hour policy begins the moment I send the login credentials. If you're unsatisfied with the guide you can let me know within 24 hours and I'll return your money. No questions asked.  

Please note: Those who have received refunds earlier are not eligible for a refund. If this is your first purchase and if you avail your refund it disqualifies you from all future refund offers. Only buy if you agree to this.

How long will this guide be active?  

The guide will be available for at least 5 years from the date of purchase. To be honest I have no plans of taking it down, but I don't own the Internet. 

How does email support work?  

Inside the guide, there is a contact form and my email address. Whenever you need to, how many ever times you need to, you can send me an email. I'll try my best to respond to all queries, but please understand, there is no legal obligation for me to do so. Email support is also time-bound up to 12 months from the date of purchase. It is a free courtesy and is not part of the sale, so please don't assume it is your legal right! There might be many extenuating circumstances where I won't be able to reply to your emails, and I am not obligated to justify myself for anything either. I'm not running a call center, you know!  

Furthermore, I will not answer any questions that need me to spend time; e.g., reading scripts or doing research or whatever. If you need me to spend time for your particular concern, I am available for paid consultations.

Are there subtitles for the videos?

No. The videos are in English. If you can understand my YouTube videos or the video above you should be okay. But for non-English speakers or poor English speakers you might find it challenging.

Is the guide available in India?  

No. Due to restrictions with Paypal the guide isn't available in India. I am exploring other options, but until then, no exceptions.

Dude, this guide is expensive!  

For the price of an ebook or a meal you're getting content you won't find anywhere else. And, you get free email support to ask me anything. Too expensive? Give me a break.

What our customers say:
“Sareesh takes his already thorough and practical 'free' tips and articles and goes far beyond the basics in his guides.

​​​​​​​If you are looking for information that you can understand and put to work immediately, you owe it to your work to check out everything he publishes.”
Eric, Canada
“You real video folks will laugh but these lessons saved me from major embarrassment.

I bought the camera for still photography- never even wished to make a video file. But when asked if I could record an event at church the following day, I remembered the camera's capability and said I would try. Opened the manual at home and realized what foolishness that was! I downloaded these lessons as soon as I found them.

​​​​​​​Mostly they are a huge overkill for my humble purposes, but they got me home the next day with a usable file. Thank you!."
Anne, Blakely
Here's my review of the Canon 1D X Mark III:
Canon 1D X Mark III Review

The Canon 1D X Mark III is probably the greatest DSLR ever released for video.

In this review we put it to a real-world documentary test. Does 5.5K RAW really hold up?

The Tarpa Player
Coming Soon!
Before I heard about wolfcrow I spent time on Internet forums. Wolfcrow's guides gave me general knowledge about cameras and cinematography. I recommend Sareesh for his specialized view about cinematography.

In the end I could improve my cinematic vision as a DoP.
John Tierney
San Francisco, CA

I don’t plan on getting rich with the sale of one guide, and I really want to help. For your peace of mind, I also offer you a 24-hour 100% money-back guarantee.

No questions asked.

If you feel what I’m teaching is not going to benefit you, ask for your money back anytime within 24 hours.

​​​​​​​When was the last time a film school offered you your money back?

The Canon 1D X Mark III Guide to RAW Video

Tired of the complexities of setting up a new camera? Then this guide is for you.

The video lessons are not just step-by-step tutorials but also a distillation of my 17+ years of experience. These tips work in the real world, because there are things only experience can teach you.

And that's why you also get free email support for anything you might want to ask. Don't let the camera be your limitation!

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