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I Follow these 10 YouTubers, Bloggers and Resources

The 10 YouTubers, Bloggers and Resources I follow and recommend.

Watch the video:

I started with photography because there weren’t any video lighting tutorials made my professionals.


I started with these four (for flash photography and lighting):

  1. Mark Wallace
  2. Gavin Hoey
  3. Frank Doorhof
  4. Strobist

When I was ready to purchase my first lights and put it to good use, I bought a $12 ebook, I think its called Seeing light from Mitchel Kanaskavitch. That gave me the confidence to practice with cheap gear.

The next step up was studying my favorite photographers. Hans Feurer, Saul Leiter, Norman Parkinson and others. I bought their books, so I recommend if you have favorite photographers go ahead and buy their books.

Finally, I discovered I had no patience for photography, I’m more into moving images. So I had to quickly move on.

Cinematographers I follow

There weren’t any good video and lighting channels, so i decided to start my own. You really can’t learn lighting without practicing. If you are interested, you can always start with my lighting guide.

Here are the cinematographers I’ve learned from:

  1. Shane Hurlbut
  2. Roger Deakins
  3. David Mullen (on forums like and

The only forum I visit now is, mostly for the new Komodo or other cameras that I hope they’ll release sooner than later.

But other than that I’ve been done with forums for a few years now.

News and Reviews

Who or what do I follow now?

I mostly follow these channels or blogs for news and reviews, so I can stay updated on what cameras or gear have been announced:

  1. Newsshooter
  2. Meet the Gaffer (or Luke Seerveld)

Learning Cinematography

The most important resource for me right now is the the ASC magazine. I have a digital subscription, and it’s a great resource. I read it whenever I get time, traveling, on the plane, and I see how the big guys do things. Can’t think of a better resource other hand personal hands on training. I would love to have personal training with Roger Deakins or David Mullen, but that’s not practical, so the ASC Mag is the next best thing.

And finally, the last resource are behind the scenes videos from DVDs and Blu-rays. Thankfully, many of them are being released with bonus features, and I watch most of everything. Between ASC Mag and BTS that’s all I need at this stage.

And of course, all the information in the world is useless if you don’t act on it. I continue to practice cinematography and lighting and make mistakes.

Rinse and repeat.

What about the others?

Don’t ask me: “What about X person, blog or channel?” because I’ve seen or read them all, at least all the popular ones. I don’t follow them because there’s nothing they can teach me. I’m way more experienced than most YouTubers and bloggers. Sure, we all can teach each and all that, but I can’t follow and watch channels and waste my time following people who don’t have what I’m looking for. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Please follow anyone who provides you value. This is my list, for me, because what I need right now is just information on new products and seeing how the big dogs do it.

If you’re interested in directing resources, I recommend books: