Master Guide to Rigging a Nikon D800 or D800E (Part 9)

In this part I’ll cover flash gear and wireless transmitters for the Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E.

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The Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E has many choices for flash systems, and in this post I’ll only cover basic speedlights. The camera already has a built-in flash, and for emergencies this should be fine.

However, there are video productions in which the client asks you for a few stills. A manual flash is a very handy tool in such scenarios. Mind you, I’m not going for a lighting setup here, only a good flash solution to have for those special cases.


There are two options here: ‘the best’ and ‘cheap but good’. The best is obviously Nikon:

Nikon SB-910 Speedlight

Cheap, not as robust, but just as effective is:

Yongnuo YN-565EX ETTL Speedlite


Just like with flash units, transmitters can be categorized as the ‘best’ and ‘good enough’.

Nikon already has an in-built flash trigger controlled by the CLS (Creative Lighting System). Some people find this unreliable. If you want a separate system, I recommend:

Pocket Wizard Mini TT1 & Flex TT5

Cheap but good enough is:

Yongnuo RF-603 N1 2.4GHz Wireless

Nikon also has a wireless transmitter to transfer images and data (Thanks to Dan Howell for this tip!):

Nikon WT-4A Wireless Transmitter

The SB-910 already has a wireless receiver, so you don’t need one if you’re using that flash. No matter what speedlight you’re using, you could do worse than have a few of these accessories:



Rosco Strobist 55 Piece Cinegel Filter Kit

Shoe Holder/Mount

Photoflex Light and Umbrella Shoe Mount Clamp


Photoflex LiteDome XS Kit


For those times when you don’t have an assistant.

Ravelli ALS Photo Video Light Stand

In Part 10 I’ll cover Intervalometers, GPS systems, remote controls, and other accessories.

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7 replies on “Master Guide to Rigging a Nikon D800 or D800E (Part 9)”

  1. In terms of Wireless transmission, PARALINX ARROW makes an amazing devices that will let you transmit video with embedded audio with zero latency and up to 300 feet ! Great tool for AC who pull focus from a distance (especially on steadicam scenario).

      1. Sareesh Sudhakaran¬†ratibsoufian I know :)…ok, there is 1/10th of sec of latency….that is NOTHING ! You may as well as consider it as zero latency. I bought the unit for my steadicam as well as a wireless follow focus from redrockmicro…I will post a video on youtube in a couple of weeks for i havent received the followfocus yet. Anyway, i will try to share my experience with those devices ..if I dont forget about this post. Other than that, I love the way things are broken down on this blog. Keep up the good job.

  2. You are greatly misunderstanding the purpose and function of the Nikon Wireless Transmitter. It has nothing to do with wireless flash synchronization. You might have been thinking of a Pocket Wizard with i-TTL capabilities, but the WT-4A is an entirely different product. You should modify this post.

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