RAW vs LOG vs Compression Codecs vs Uncompressed HDMI and SDI: A Primer

There’s a lot of confusion between beginners and even some professionals on what the differences are between RAW, Log, Compressed Codecs and Uncompressed HDMI and SDI Video. This video explains the differences in simple terms and also helps you figure out when to use which:

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To learn more about each subject please go through the following articles:

For RAW:

For Log:

For Compression and Codecs

For Uncompressed Video:

8 replies on “RAW vs LOG vs Compression Codecs vs Uncompressed HDMI and SDI: A Primer”

  1. Gooday Sareesh would you say the Blackmagic micro cinema camera is a good affordable place to start with raw? I’m definitely getting one no matter what anyone says I just would like to know your opinion.

  2. Thanks for that! Love your practical take on potentially complicated subjects. And you have an opinion…and you’re quite dry, which is funny!

  3. Very concise explanation of an alphabet soup type of subject, and the manufacturers don’t make it easy to figure it out… thanks for your work!

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