Film Lighting Explained

Film Lighting Explained: No Samurai Scene, Seven Samurai

Watch how cinematographer Asakazu Nakai uses the light sandwich to create stunning deep focus compositions for Akira Kurosawa in Seven Samurai.

Filmmaking Essays

Filmmaking and Cinematography techniques of Kagemusha, by Akira Kurosawa

Kagemusha is one of the greatest movies ever made, and only one of the tens of great movies Kurosawa made in his illustrious career. In this video I go through the filmmaking and cinematography techniques Akira Kurosawa used to realize his grand vision. Further viewing: Focal lengths used by Akira Kurosawa Analysis of Rashomon

Common Access WMP Filmmaking Essays

Rashomon | How to Make an Art Film + Solution to the Mystery

Why is Rashomon the ultimate art film? And what really happened that afternoon – with clues from Kurosawa!

General Filmmaking

Understanding Style in Cinema (Part Two): Creating Style

Is there any way on earth that one can develop one’s own movie style? Let’s find out.