Review of Lens Accessories

Vizelex ND Throttle Review

Can the Vizelex ND Throttle Review be used for professional work? Let’s find out in this comprehensive review.

Advanced Cinematography Concepts

How to Read Modulation Transfer Function or MTF Charts Easily

Here’s the simplest way to read MTF charts to compare lenses.

Review of Camera Accessories

OConnor Universal Baseplate Review: The Best Baseplate in the World?

A detailed review of the OConnor Universal Baseplate that fits all DSLRs, Canon EOS cameras and the Red Epic and Scarlet.

Sony A7s Guide

The Sony A7s 4K Guide (Part Three): Cine and Zoom Lenses

A detailed guide to the Sony A7s – from lenses and accessories to post production. Part Three covers cinema and zoom lenses.

How to Find the Right Lenses

How to Choose a Camera Lens or Lenses for Long and Complex Projects

A professional deals with greater complexity on projects, and must get it right every time. Here’s my methodology on how to choose a camera lens for long form projects.

Camera System

The Complete Guide to Camera Batteries (Part One)

How many batteries should you buy with your camera? This easy guide will show you how to plan your camera batteries for professional use.

Lens Accessories

The Complete Guide to Follow Focus Systems

Everything you wanted to know about follow focus systems, in one place.

Video Business

Which is better: To Rent a Camera, or Buy one? (Part One)

Ever had to decide whether to buy a camera or rent one instead? This article shows you the easy way to calculate your gear’s worth.

Photography workflows

How important is Mirror Lockup and a Cable Release?

I’ve always wondered how much of a difference a tripod, mirror lock-up and a cable release would make to the sharpness of my images. So, I decided to test for myself. Test Parameters and workflow: Canon 550D with 18-55 IS II Kit lens at 55mm f/8 at ISO 200 and shutter at 1/60s Shot in […]

Photography workflows

Thrissur Puram 2012: Photography with nowhere to turn – Part II

This is part two of my coverage of Thrissur Puram 2012. To read part one, click here. The kodamattam Post lunch we walked back to the grounds to cover the main event. If I thought the crowds in the morning were crazy, I was totally unprepared for this. It was rock concert that began at […]