Comparison of Rendering Speeds in Adobe CC vs CS6 (Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects)

What is the difference between Adobe CC and CS6 in rendering times, with Adobe Media Encoder, Premiere Pro and After Effects? Here’s a simple test.

The Adobe Premiere Pro to Autodesk Smoke Guide

A simple guide on how you can move projects from Adobe Premiere Pro to Autodesk Smoke.

How to Transfer a Project from Final Cut Pro to After Effects

The simplest way to transfer a project from Final Cut Pro (FCP-X and FCP 7) to Adobe After Effects.

The Advantages of Working in 32-bit Float

First of all, let me get one thing straight – I’m not referring to a 32-bit vs 64-bit OS, CPU or software. I am referring to the ‘environment found in applications like Photoshop, After Effects or Nuke. Many high-end applications allow one to work in a 32-bit environment. Is that a good thing? Before we […]