Panasonic GH5

Thoughts on comparing 8-bit and 10-bit footage from the Panasonic GH5

Why isn’t the 10-bit footage in the Panasonic GH5 better than the 8-bit footage?

Choosing Cameras

Thoughts on the Arri ALEXA 65 65mm 6K Camera

My thoughts on the Arri Alexa 65 65mm 6.5K cinema camera. Who is it for?

Advanced Cinematography Concepts

Understanding Wireless Video Production (Part One)

What does it take to make a production set completely ready for wireless video? This article shows you how to get started.

Basics of Color Grading

Should you raise Bit Depth and Color Space before Color Grading? Part One: 8-bit Video

Want to avoid poor quality web videos? You need to know if it’s worth working in a higher bit depth or color space. Part One deals with 8-bit video.


Understanding the limits of Data Rates and Transmission

A brief overview of the data rates involved in various distribution channels, from cinema to television to the Internet.

Files and Codecs

What is Video Compression?

What is video compression, why do we need it, and what are the most common kinds of video compression?

Camera Comparisons

Does your Camera Deliver the Film Look (Part One)?

Which video camera really delivers the film look? Part One asks: Does your camera meet theatrical distribution requirements or not?