Common Access WMP SUB Best Camera Angles and Movement

Me vs Spielberg: Shot vs Shot Comparison of Bridge of Spies

A shot by shot comparison of my storyboard to Spielberg’s work on Bridge of Spies.

General Filmmaking

How to Deal with Bad Actors

A problem every director must face at some point, and probably many times. How do you deal with bad actors or non-actors?

Camera Angles Analysis

Camera Angles and Blocking: Fight Night

I go in-depth into how I’ve used the 10-step system to finding the best camera angles in my experimental short film, Fight Night.

Best Camera Angles and Movement

Orson Welles | The 7 Secrets of Cinematic Composition

Seven of the most powerful compositional techniques Orson Welles used in his films. Enjoy!

Scriptwriting Basics

How to Create a Great Twist Ending like M. Night Shyamalan

The formula and secret to creating great twist endings every single time.

Film Trivia

13 Books for Directors, by Directors

13 great books by directors on the subject of film direction.