Professor Sampler’s Notes: Aliasing

Topics Covered: The two definitions of aliasing The need for an anti-aliasing filter Undersampling and oversampling So far as the theories of mathematics are about reality, they are not certain; so far as they are certain, they are not about reality – Einstein An alias is a duplicate. It’s like a signal has a split […]

Professor Sampler’s Notes: Interpolation

Topics Covered: The Interpolation Formula Upsampling and Downsampling The interpolation error Filters – active and passive filters Low-pass, high-pass and band-pass filters When you can measure what you are talking about and express it in numbers, you know something about it – Kelvin What makes interpolation possible? Mathematics. I know you were hoping for a […]

Professor Sampler’s Notes: Reconstruction

Topics Covered: Reconstruction Definition of Interpolation The Nyquist-Raabe criterion Definition of Extrapolation The boxcar, rectangular and sinc functions One typical reconstruction methodology I have had my results for a long time: but I do not yet know how I am to arrive at them – Carl Gauss Can we bring back our T-Rex? That cute Veggie-saur […]