Advanced Cinematography Concepts

Understanding Video Camera Profile or Preset Adjustments and Settings (Part One)

The simplest explanation of the settings found on video cameras to control exposure and color information.

Camera Concepts

What is the Difference between Exposure Latitude and Dynamic Range?

The simplest explanation of the difference between exposure latitude of a camera and its dynamic range.


What is Full Swing, Studio Swing; and How to Work with Video Levels in Adobe Premiere Pro? (Part Two)

A detailed look at how Adobe Premiere Pro handles full swing and studio swing video levels.

CGI Workflows

Special Effects Software Guide (Part Three): Bread and Butter Stuff

If you’re a newcomer to special effects this comprehensive guide will tell you what each VFX discipline means, and which software to use for it. Part Three covers the ‘bread and butter’ tools.

Basics of Color

Understanding Luminance and Chrominance

The simplest explanation of luminance, luma, chrominance and chroma sub-sampling; and the relevance of all these terms when it comes to video.