X: The Impossible Release

This will be the last post under the making of The Impossible Murder. The movie is locked and finished, marketing materials are prepared and authorized, and the censor certificate is in place. What next? Actually, the biggest mistake every filmmaker makes (including yours truly) is to not ask this question at the time of writing […]

VIII: The Impossible Post

Post production on The Impossible Murder took one year. First it went to a post-house (I won’t name them) who promised to do the editing, VFX, grading and sound mixing for a reasonable fee. After paying them a hefty advance, I learnt their editor was doing multiple jobs at the same time. The editing took […]

VI: The Impossible Logistics: Food, Travel and Living

If nothing else, an independent filmmaker must: Provide adequate, tasty and nutritious meals to all its cast and crew members, never treating anybody with prejudice as regards their designation, skill or experience. Provide comfortable travel (even if cheap), and ensure the cast and crew don’t have to struggle to find a location or place of […]

Chapter V: Getting others to do the Impossible [Part Two: Crew]

A film crew is made up of many people, of varying skills, with different goals in life. The ability to bring them together to achieve a common objective is a valuable one indeed. Movies that have the budget make this happen by throwing around money. There are too many experienced and talented professionals without work, […]

Chapter V: Getting others to do the Impossible [Part One: Casting]

This post will concentrate on how you go about finding actors. The single-most important element in a movie (sometimes even more important than the director), is the casting. If your actors suck, no matter what else you do, the movie will fail (at least on a critical level). Therefore, be wise in your casting choices, […]