Grandma Moon Speaks: RMS and the Decibel

Topics Covered: Root Mean Square The Decibel Common dB Values Day has its eyes; night has its ears – Japanese Proverb In the above drawing, the numbers represent: 1. Silence 2. Audible sound 3. Atmospheric pressure 4. Sound pressure 105 Pa is the pressure at sea level, or 1 atmosphere approximately. We have already seen […]

Grandma Moon Speaks: What Influences Sound?

Topics Covered: Pressure and Temperature Pascal Threshold of Hearing Nature has give us two eyes and two ears but only one tongue – so that we should hear and see more than we speak – Socrates It is common for people to create reference standards, so that things can be measured according to these standards. […]

Grandma Moon Speaks: What is Sound?

Topics Covered: What is Sound? Speed of Sound The eyes see everything but themselves – Yugoslavian Proverb Sound is a sensation perceived by ears due to vibrations or oscillations. One big difference between sound and light is that sound needs a medium for propagation. You can’t hear anything in a vacuum, which is why you […]

Hearing vs Listening

“Okay, I’m listening.” “No, you’re not. Before I start, there’s a little chore you need to do.” “Sure, Grandma Moon.” I should have stayed in Digitown and never returned, he thought. “My cat’s stuck in the attic. Get her for me, will you?” “How did it get stuck?” “We’ll ask her when you bring her […]

The Difference between Sound and Audio

Bob hadn’t imagined in his wildest dreams that he’d sleep in Cathy’s bed, drink her mom’s iced tea and get change for his bus ride home. It was almost as if he got married. Analog Mom wasn’t amused. But she didn’t say anything. Together, they rode out to the outskirts of town, to Grandma Moon’s […]