MEM Advanced Cinematography Tips

What you need to know before making a 3D (Stereoscopy) Movie

What steps can you take to ensure your 3D movie is a success? This article tells you what you need to know.

MEM General Filmmaking

Understanding Style in Cinema: The Definitive Guide

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What Filmmakers Can Learn from Films about Filmmaking

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Sony A7s Guide

Important Quirks and Features of the Sony A7s for both Stills and Video

A list of important quirks and features one should know about the Sony A7s before shooting stills or video.

Basic Cinematography

What is a Light Meter and do you need one for Video?

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How to Finance a Film (Part Three): Examples

Not the same old answers to the question: How to finance a film? Part Three looks at real world examples of how people financed their movies.

General Filmmaking

How to Finance a Film

Not the same old answers to the question: How to finance a film? The sobering reality.