Filmmaking Essays

Welles vs Soderbergh: Masters of Modern Low Budget Filmmaking

How two masters of cinema changed their style of filmmaking to a low budget style – with different results.

Best Camera Angles and Movement

Orson Welles | The 7 Secrets of Cinematic Composition

Seven of the most powerful compositional techniques Orson Welles used in his films. Enjoy!

SUB Camera Angles Analysis

Camera Angles and Movement: Orson Welles, Sanchez’s Apartment Scene, Touch of Evil

A comprehensive analysis of the Sanchez’s apartment scene in Orson Welles’ Touch of Evil.

General Filmmaking

Understanding Style in Cinema (Part Two): Creating Style

Is there any way on earth that one can develop one’s own movie style? Let’s find out.

Cinematography Trivia

3 Razor-sharp Cinematographers

What do I mean by ‘razor-sharp’? If you watch the works of these great masters, you’ll wonder how they achieved the brilliance of their imagery, considering they worked with extreme rigor in their framing, depth of field, lens choices and lighting. They hardly had any room to maneuver! They also happened to work with my […]