Arri Alexa LF Review (vs Red Monstro vs Nikon Z6)

This is my comprehensive review of the Arri Alexa LF: Arri Alexa LF Specs and Features For an overview of the features and specifications of the Arri Alexa LF, check out this video I made: Lenses for the Arri Alexa LF Here are the lenses that cover the full frame sensor: Arri Signature Primes* Zeiss […]

Atomos Shogun Review

My complete review of the Atomos Shogun for the Sony A7s, as of v6.2, shooting, 3D LUTs, DNxHD and more.

The Sony A7s Review

A detailed review of the Sony A7s for video and film professionals. What kind of productions are this camera suitable for?