Sony a7 III Info

The Best Lenses for the Sony a7 III for Video

This is the ultimate guide to the best lenses for the Sony a7 III, Sony a7S II, a7S III, a7R III and a7R IV. For video shooters.

Camera Comparisons Common Access WMP

Camera Shootout: BMPCC 4K vs Panasonic S1 vs Panasonic GH5 vs Sony a7 III vs Sony a7S II vs Nikon Z6

Which mirrorless camera is the best value for money for cinematography and video? Here’s a comprehensive camera shootout comparison.

Camera Comparisons

Important Differences between the Panasonic GH5, Sony a7S II and Sony a7R II

Which camera do you pick? The Sony a7S II or Panasonic GH5? Here’s a detailed comparison.

a7rii guide

How to expose and grade S-Log2 on the Sony a7R II and Sony a7S II

The definitive guide to exposing, monitoring and grading S-Log2 footage from the Sony a7R II and Sony a7S II

Camera Reviews

Sony a7S II Review and Comparisons with the Sony a7R II and a7S

A comprehensive review of the Sony a7S II. What kind of videos is this camera suitable for, and how does it compare to the a7R II and a7S?