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The Complete Guide to Follow Focus Systems

Everything you wanted to know about follow focus systems, in one place.

Driving Miss Digital

Professor Sampler’s Notes: Decimal, Binary and Hex

Topics Covered: The decimal system The binary system The hexadecimal system A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers – Plato Since humans don’t seem to get along too well with each other, scientists had to find symbols that are ‘almost’ universally agreeable to all. These groups of symbols are called numbers […]

Photography workflows

Who needs the Zone System?

Every modern camera has an in-camera meter, and the most common of them is the Matrix or Multi-zone meter (also called evaluative or segment meter, among other names). Surprisingly, due to complicated algorithms that work effortlessly in real time, these meters give you the best exposure ninety nine times out of a hundred. And that’s […]