What is Full Swing, Studio Swing; and How to Work with Video Levels in Adobe Premiere Pro? (Part One)

The simplest explanation of what studio swing and full swing is, and how they are different.

Should you raise Bit Depth and Color Space before Color Grading? Part One: 8-bit Video

Want to avoid poor quality web videos? You need to know if it’s worth working in a higher bit depth or color space. Part One deals with 8-bit video.

Don’t be Confused between RGB 444 and Y’CbCr 444

Okay, so you’ve read the articles on Luminance vs Chrominance, the meaning of Y’CbCr, and the meaning of the numbers in chroma sub-sampling. But you’re still confused about the difference between RGB 444 and Y’CbCr 444. Are these two different things, or the same thing? These are two different things. Let’s think of three pipes, […]