The 9 Blunders I Made on my First Feature Film

In this video I share the major blunders I made with my first feature film. Everyone makes mistakes, but blunders are things you don’t recover from:

Here’s the list:

  1. Hire an on-set photographer. You need the stills to market your movie.
  2. Decided on a location with no toilets or electricity.
  3. Wrote the script in English but shot in Hindi without proper dialogues.
  4. Buying the camera!
  5. No art or prop department at all!
  6. Went into production without casting a major character.
  7. Too many VFX and green screen shots.
  8. Gave myself too little time – only 7 days for shooting a 90 minute movie.
  9. If you’re desperate, stop!!

2 replies on “The 9 Blunders I Made on my First Feature Film”

  1. Oh so true! I can add two more, reference location.
    1# Do not chose location in the summer for a winter shoot! I was involved on the fringe of an “EPIC” of such a thing, the ~~~**## had selected this building out in the wilds of Norfolk for a winter shoot in the June /July for this thriller and had a team making up false walls ( I think that the building had been rented for six months or so ) My involvement was to provide rushes playback. I know that the film was meant to have a winter feel but the ~~~**## didn’t think about British weather, it “RAINED” and the odd mile or so of farm track first turned in to a swamp then in to a
    2# Keep a watch on your chosen location, as you can suddenly find that your nice and peaceful location has a building site next door, the day after you have set up and started shooting.

    I can smile it wasn’t my money

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