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  1. Thanks… interesting. I have decided to use Prelude for several reason although not all workflows. One is I can take the raw footage home, or proxies, log in Prelude, export the .xmp files, and then, using Prelude in the office, join the new xmp data with the footage in the folder at the office. .

    Second you can export the log files for each reel/clip into the.csv format, open in Excel, reformat for better visibility like turning on wrap, then paste the sections you want to word documents.

    Now if you just have one or two things then going through Premiere is faster but if you have a .mov file and there’s 8 clips that you made from it with notes, transcriptions, etc, then Prelude makes better sense.

  2. dkatz1  Thank you for the kind words! 
    In my special case I shoot single cam on a C300 mostly, and an ingest program is more of a bottleneck. I’m more old school – writing things down and having super organized folder structures on FAT32. But who wants to hear that, huh?

    On a Mac, cksum <filename> in terminal is okay for quick CRC verification.
    I have a series on MG Bullet and a comparison of 15 ingest software. Check it out!

  3. Hey Sareesh – 

    This is a great post, I really enjoyed reading the four parts. The real power this program could have for me is the A) Import from card to multiple drives with and checksum verification and B) Adding metadata on import. 

    Beyond that, I think I’ll stick with Premiere Pro. However, I’m curious if you don’t need the two features I mentioned above – or if you are using ShotputPro or some other ingesting program that is superior to Prelude.

    Thanks for your help. Really love your site.

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