One reply on “The Adobe Prelude Workflow (Part Two): Ingest and Logging”

  1. This article would have been soooooo much better if you went into more detail about transcoding. Prelude gives you a sh*tload of transcode options and for the newbie these are probably overwhelming. What to use… DNX, MOV, Cineform, etc., the list goes on. With DNX alone there are dozens of options. Your article doesn’t get into any of this so if you really want this to be a useful guide for new Prelude users you may want to go back and revise this chapter, maybe sharing what transcode setting you use with your current camera of choice, which I gather by the heading ad is the GH5? Don’t get me wrong… I commend you for the effort in putting this guide together. Just giving my two cents on how to make it better.

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